Request editor options

Description of the options in the HTTP request editor

The HTTP request editor has additional options that can be accessed through the 3-dots icon to the right of the request URL.

The save option allows storing the current state of the request to the application store. If the request is not already stored. If the HTTP request is already stored this overrides the existing data.

The save as... option is active when the current HTTP request is already stored in the data store. It opens the "save" dialog and the stored HTTP request is a copy of the current request.

The details option allows you to view and edit HTTP request details. It has basic information about the HTTP request like type, name, URL, projects it belongs to, and others.

The Save as HAR option takes the HTTP request and the latest HTTP response and creates a HAR log with the data exchange. Note, the produced HAR is invalid when the HTTP request has no recorded response.

The Import the cURL command option allows you to paste a CURL command into the dialog. After confirming the dialog, the contents of the current HTTP request editor is replaced by the values defined in the cURL command.

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