ARC (legacy) projects

This page describes how to work with ARC projects.

This documentation is for ARC version 16 and up.

We are planning to redesign projects in ARC in the version 18 release. We are still working on the concept of new API projects in ARC. You can join the discussion here and help us understand your use case for projects.

A project is a set of Saved requests with additional metadata like name and description. Projects allow you to group a number of requests under a single name. It is a similar concept to an API project described in RAML or OAS but without many helpful features of describing an API. Technically requests in a project don't have to share the same base URI.

The projects menu contains a list of projects stored in the application. You can toggle the list of request in a project by clicking on the project's name. The list of requests behaves similarly to Saved requests. You can drag and drop a request onto the workspace tabs to open the request. You can also drag and drop the entire project onto the workspace tabs to open all requests in the workspace.

Project context menu

When you hover over the project list item an icon appears. When you click on the icon a context menu appears with project context options.

The Open details menu option opens the Project details screen. From there you can change project properties and manage requests.

When you click on the Open all in workspace option then all project requests are being added to the current workspace. The requests are at the end of the current tabs.

Similarly, the Replace all in workspace opens all project requests in the workspace, but it closes all opened requests.

The Delete project instantly deletes all requests and the project. Note, that this operation is performed right away when you select this option. Make sure you have backups of your data before deleting any data from the application.

Project screen

The project screen is similar to the Saved requests screen. Additionally, it allows you to open project properties editor and update them.

ARC Projects road map

As mentioned at the top of this page projects are planned to be drastically changed. Today this is not how developers work with APIs. It might be convenient was of storing ad-hoc requests but this is not a general use case. We are working on a new concept of API projects. We don't want to add API design capabilities to the application as there are plenty of tools that do it right. We want to focus more on consuming API specifications (RAML, OAS, and AsyncAPI) and help you develop an API with an already designed API. At MuleSoft we offer API design tools and we are looking at ways to connect them with ARC. You can help us decide on future API projects by joining the discussion in this ticket.

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