Installing Advanced REST Client

Download the application from GitHub releases page. In the Assets section find the installed that corresponds to your operating system. Windows users should download arc-setup.exe file, mac OS users should download the arc-x.x.x.dmg file where x.x.x is the version number. Linux users can download one of the binaries available for their operating system.

Version number may be different from the one in the screenshot. For normal use, please, download the latest stable version.

When downloaded, run the file. The installer will walk you through the installation process.

Linux installation

ARC's build process generates several builds for Linux. Find your platform and then architecture. Wrong architecture (x86 instead of x64) will result in an error when installing or running the application.

Please note that ARC won't update automatically on Linux platform as this is not yet supported by the build library. This may be possible in the future.

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