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Welcome to Advanced REST Client application documentation pages.

Thank you for choosing Advanced REST Client as you API consumption tool. These pages are your help while working with the application.

If you are still using Chrome plug-in then proceed to Moving From Chrome To Desktop Client section. The original Chrome application is discontinued as Chrome stopped supporting browser-based applications.

Project's philosophy

Open API tooling

ARC was built as an open-source and free for everyone API tool out of a passion for giving the developer community tools they need. The application and related projects (like API Console) are created and distributed to our users for free. Our vision is that API tools are available for every developer and organization, regardless of their size, for free and without forced relationship. API tools are using open standards to communicate with other applications so developers can build integrations.

Community focus

Originally the application was created by the author for own convenience while developing APIs. It quickly turned out to be a common problem among developers to consume APIs during the development process. It's because of the community feedback the application grown to offer functionality available to the users today. We encourage you to take part in this project by requesting features, reporting issues, and sharing your use-cases. Discuss ideas in our ideas portal at GitHub. You can check out the current development plan and the road map in our open project plan.

Scalability and interoperability

The project is developed in a way that allows us to scale the development process by introducing modular and interoperable components to build UIs and application logic. This means that once a feature is introduced into the application it can be re-used in other applications. If you are an API tools developer you are free to take parts of ARC Components and use them in your application. We use open standards when developing the application and not using any particular web framework so we can be sure that each part of the application UI and logic is interoperable.

Try other projects that are developed by our team or we think may interest you.

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