Searching for requests

This page describes how to search for requests in Advanced REST Client.

This documentation is for ARC version 16 and up.

Before version 16 search was only possible in the Search and History panels. From version 16 you have a new menu at your disposal to search all requests data in a single place. Currently, it only searches for the saved and history requests. In future releases, we are planning to expand it to more objects stored in the data store.

You can search for an URL or its pare like host, path, or even query parameters. Other fields are also indexed, however, they are not indexed for the full-text search. This means that you have to enter the entire word to be matched with the search term.

The search result list presents the information about the URL, operation (HTTP method), and request type (Saved or History). For history requests, it shows the time when this request was executed the last time. For saved requests, it shows the name of the request and the names of projects associated with the request.

You can click on the list item to open it in the current workspace or drag and drop it onto the workspace tabs to place it in a specific position.

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