About data privacy in ARC

The full Privacy statement can be found here.

We do not collect any portion of the HTTP request or a project declaration that can identify data, parameters, or the API. All data are stored locally or on-prem (when the compatible store is configured with the application). On user request, a backup of an HTTP request, API project, or all data can be exported to Google Drive.

We do not provide services to store, share, or exchange user data.

The application uses the Google Analytics service to provide usage statistics. These data are used to prove the relevance of the project to the stakeholders and to perform usability research used during the design process. Google Analytics is an opt-in option in the application and the user has to actively agree to the data collection. This can be enabled or disabled at any time in the application settings. We are taking steps to ensure none of the user-provided information is transmitted to Google Analytics.

Until version 17 the application was sending a uniquely generated identifier (per application, per user) to the application backend service. This service was recording the most basic usage of the application (number of sessions). This service was removed in version 17. These data were never analyzed nor processed. All data are periodically deleted from the application backend.

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